W.D. Nelson has a 26 year career in Law Enforcement.

W.D.  has Certificates in Special Operations Group (SOG) USMS Personal Protection Operator, Active Shooter Response, Critical Incident Response Team and Law Enforcement and NRA Instructors certification, among many other tactical training courses.  

A highlight of his career is working with the US Marshals Service to develop a Witness Protection Program at the State level in the Metro Denver Area. This was a team of about 20 Detectives that assisted each other in providing resources and protection for Victims and Witnesses of crimes with emphasis on Domestic Violence Victims. 

Some feedback from a few of our training students…

Good group of instructors

I couldn’t hit the side of a barn with a pistol until I met JD and team for some practice at Silver Bullet in Wheat Ridge. I was anticipating the shot and flinching before the shot and Rance put some snap caps in my magazine which was a great lesson. Soon was bunching my shots up nicely. I later learned some tactical drills at an outdoor range with WD near Idaho Springs with my daughter. The training I received has really helped me build confidence and improve my safety skills. I still hear WD as a drill Sargent yelling in my ear “front site, front site” and “nothing matters but God, you, and the front site.” You’ll definitely learn something from these guys !

September 2019

Wayne Wright

Wheat Ridge, CO

Exciting and changing

Excellent classes, fun and informative. I feel prepared to handle my firearm. I am confident that I am trained to deal with different situations. Thank you, KB

July 2019

Kathy Bishop


Review 24473

WD is loud, in your face, and tells it like it is, but with a sense of humor. That’s what you want from someone teaching the importance of firearms safety training. There’s no taking back a fired bullet and he is very good at getting that idea into people’s heads. I had a great time in his MRA-CHP class and am already planning ahead to take the Advanced classes.

September 2019

Ken Reed


WDN Firearms Training LLC

My first time in any kind of firearms class, and only my second time shooting firearms. I went in knowing next to nothing about nothing, and came out feeling like I had a firm understanding of the basics. That includes gun mechanics/function, safety, firing technique, Colorado state gun laws. I’m motivated to practice and learn more!

Alex Boccia


Review 24475

WD and his staff are very knowledgeable, friendly, and place a heavy emphasis on safety. I will definitely be going back for more advanced training!

Casey Downs


WDN Firearms Training LLC

Had my advanced skills range class with WD today at the Clear Creek Sportsman Club range. This is my third class with him, and as a former teacher, I can attest that WD is a super instructor, who teaches gun safety, tactics and skills with passion and undeniable knowledge. He’s detailed, thorough and a sincere straight shooter. He can be firm and blunt if you need it, but very encouraging as well. WD will get you to wherever you want to be in the Firearm self defense world, without question,

Bernie Spivak


review 24472

My family and I have have taken several classes from Wayne and have had quite a few range sessions. WD is a great instructor with a lot of firearms training experience having worked extensively in and with law enforcement. If you want to learn about and become proficient with firearms, Wayne and his staff are the people to see.

George M